IT Infrastructure Service Review

The IT Infrastructure Service Review recommendations report has been approved by the IT Committee and Services Subcommittee and is available to view below. 

The IT Infrastructure Service Review has now concluded, and this report provides the full set of recommendations made as a result of the review’s findings. The recommendations, which support the aims of Professional Services Together (Quality, People and Collaboration) will be taken forward as part of the Digital Transformation Programme. Sean Duffy, CIO, will be the Senior Responsible Officer for the implementation of the recommendations. The priorities for delivery by the end of Michaelmas Term are to recruit a Programme Manager who can work with Sean and divisions to carry out more detailed planning for the programme including agreeing the governance arrangements and the approach for recruiting the new Heads of Technology in each division.  

Pending the implementation programme team and new governance arrangements being in place, some members of the review’s project team and Check and Test Group will be asked to provide advice and support to ensure continuity and cross-university engagement is maintained. 

Evidence, insights and ideas for improvement have been obtained by working with around 300 stakeholders from across the collegiate University. 

The report sets out the key recommendations to be taken forward over the next few years. The recommendations enable the University to respond to the challenges and opportunities identified by stakeholders, and will lead to a more resilient, secure and effective infrastructure service that provides greater value for departments and improves user experience.   


Recommendations (Design) report 2023 


Appendix: Table of recommendations

Appendix: Onion model examples